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If you like compelling Historical fantasy and Paranormal romance
books with Celtic and Greek mythology, fierce warriors and alpha
males, bold women, magic, and romance set in ancient and
contemporary times, you are in the right place. Here, otherworldly
creatures like vampires, werewolves, shapeshifters, faeries, gods and
goddesses, centaurs, and nymphs mingle with humans within the
pages of Kelley Heckart’s stories.
Writing update: My writing took another turn. What I had planned has
been put aside for a different series, which is based on my time as a
rock and roll bassist. I finally found inspiration from my past, and I
added a paranormal element to create a romance series featuring five
young women in a controversial hard rock band who have
supernatural powers. The first t
hree books in my Shadow-walkers
series, Awakening
, Awakening the Wolf, and Awakening the Vampire
are available on Amazon. Each story is a standalone love story. I'm
really excited about this series because it's true to my heart. Plus,
there will be music to go along with this book series. Yep, I'm writing
and recording songs again with my husband under the name Hecate’s
Fury, the fictional band in my series.