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Welcome to my website! Feel free to move about and don't
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have on faeries, the Tuatha de Danaan, pre-Hellenic goddesses & of course, the ancient Celts.
I just added a page on the Picts. New: Free short stories in PDF on my Home page & Book


Latest News: New Release! Available now on in Trade Paperback and
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The Crow Maiden, the third book in my Greek mythology series is available now. This one has a
revenge theme with a twist. (Note: all books in this series are standalone stories.)

Upcoming releases:
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Writing update:
Well, my writing took another turn. What I had planned has been put aside for a different series,
which is based on my time as a rock and roll bassist. I finally found inspiration from my past, and I
added a paranormal element to create a series featuring five young women in a controversial hard
rock band who have supernatural powers. The first book in my Shadow-walkers series, Awakening,
is set to release in the fall of 2018. I'm really excited about this series because it's true to my heart.
Plus, there will be music to go along with this book series. Yep, I'm writing and recording songs again
with my husband. Stay tuned.

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Fun stuff:
Visit my "About the Author" page and scroll to the bottom where you
will find some fun stuff. Find out what your pagan name is and
what fantasy/sci-fi character you are. It's simple and fun!
My pagan name is Rising Pixie and my fantasy/sci-fi character is
Elrond, the elven king from Lord of the Rings. How funny is that?
I also have some new pics on my picture page.
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copyright Deb Harris
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