A new twist on a timeless tale...
with this tale. I really enjoyed the new twist on
the old King Arthur tale. I liked Gwen's new
looks. You kept my attention and it was well
written, nicely paced and filled with steam.
Grab a copy and enjoy it, I am.
Reviewed by Robin L. at My Book Cravings
Back cover text from White Rose of Avalon (Celtic fantasy romance)

The three women of Avalon…

One who loves with only half a heart, one who closes off her heart to love, and one
who is torn between the love of two men.

Can they find happiness as the walls of Avalon crumble?

With the land falling into Saxon hands, the Christian monks make a pact with
Morgaine, Queen of the Faeries. She promises to give them a High King who will
unite the Britons against the Saxons if he takes a queen from the faery realm. She
hopes this will restore the Goddess faith, bringing Avalon back to its rightful place
and not hidden within the mists.

Morgaine’s lover, Lancelot, is sent to guard the future High King, Artorius. The
Saxons are driven back by Artorius’ army and his kingdom reigns until he weds
Gwenhwyfar. A love potion meant for Artorius and Gwenhwyfar falls into the wrong
hands, sending the kingdom into ruins. Gwenhwyfar is the only hope for the future
of Britain, but betrayal, revenge and forbidden love surround her, threatening to
destroy the lives of four people.    
Unlike other versions, this novel does not
center around Arthur, or Artorius in this case,
but revolves around Morgaine, Lancelot and
Gwenhwyfar. The characters are well defined.
Ms. Heckart's descriptive scenery is
absolutely magical creating an intensely
sexual twist of a classic legend.

Reviewed by Bonnie-Lass at Coffee Time Romance

the clean smell of rain. The rain washed away bloodstains from the battlefield
leaving it like new as if nothing terrible had ever happened there, that thousands of
soldiers had never been killed. He wished the rain could purify his soul in the same
way it cleansed the tainted earth.

Stepping back inside, he cleaned his sword, his thoughts preparing for the
impending battle that was sure to come soon. Rumors flourished throughout the
fortress that the Saxons were gathering again.

A cool fall breeze blew in the open door, fanning the small central fire in his home.
The fire hissed and smoked when rain would find its way down the smoke hole.

"Is this a good time for a visit?" Artorius stood in his doorway, his tall body blocking
the wide doorframe.

"Of course, Sire, please...come in." Lancelot scrambled around, trying to clear off a
chair for him to sit on.

Artorius shook the rain from his cloak and entered, sitting in the chair near the fire.
Lancelot poured him a cup of wine and one for himself. Lancelot sat across from

"Lancelot, you seem to be experienced in matters of the heart." Perhaps you can
give me some advice."

"I will do my best." Lancelot's hand gripped his wine cup.

"I have had women in the carnal way before Gwenhwyfar and I would consider
myself...er...experienced in the bedchamber...but she does not seem pleased with
anything I do lately."

Lancelot took a long drink of his wine, trying to hide how uncomfortable he was to
be having this conversation with Artorius. "Well, in my experiences with women, I
have found that they can be rather unpredictable in the bedchamber at certain
times during the moon's phases. Perhaps it is not you at all, but maybe her
monthly madness interferes with her carnal pleasures."

Artorius pondered Lancelot's advice. "There may be some truth in that. She is the
first woman I have lived with and her pleasures do seem to wax and wane with the
moon." His eyes grew thoughtful. "I just love her more than I thought I could ever
love anyone. I want to make her happy. I cannot bear to see sadness in her eyes."

Lancelot shifted in his chair. Guilt washed over him in massive waves and he found
it difficult to meet Artorius's gaze. "You are truly blessed to have found love, Sire."

"I guess I have Morgaine to thank for that. You are also fortunate to have the love
of such a generous woman." He set his empty cup down on the table and stood. "I
feel much better now. I am blessed to have you as a brother, Lancelot of the Lake."

Lancelot sat staring into the fire long after Artorius had gone. The rain fell harder,
pounding into the thatch roof like trampling hooves, matching the pounding of his
guilt-ridden heart. He thought of Artorius and Morgaine. The guilt reached a
massive peak, opening in his heart like a deep abyss that threatened to swallow
him like the mouth of an enormous ravenous beast. But for all of his suffering,
Gwenhwyfar's pull on him was stronger like the full moon on the sea's powerless

* * *
Copyright 2006 by Kelley Heckart
Monday's Good Reads: Authors to Note

Kelley Heckart, White Rose of Avalon

"A friend of mine passed this sweet, eruptive
book on to me. At first I was really hesitant. I
mean, another King Arthurian story? And I
had never read an e book in my life! This is
so colourful! The old characters are all there,
but they are incredibly alive, and there are
lots of new twists on this classic (desire stirs
throughout a lot of the scenes), I wish that it
was longer.
Kelley Heckart's writing makes me wish for a
fireplace and a harp in the background."
Written by Tina-Sue Ducross

I stumbled across this wonderful blog post by
Tina-Sue Ducross, which she graciously allowed
me to post on my website in its entirety
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